The Laetare of Stavelot of March 27, 2022 is cancelled…

Publié le 23/01/2022

The Laetare of Stavelot of March 27, 2022 is cancelled…

But replaced by a big folk procession on Sunday May 15, 2022

The General Assembly of the Festivities Committee of the Laetare of Stavelot met this Sunday, January 23, to examine whether the conditions could be met to maintain the festivities of March 26-27 and 28. In the light of the latest developments of the health crisis and the last CODECO, it is unfortunately necessary to note that they do not yet allow us to realistically consider the organization of our festivities on the planned dates. In fact, the maintenance of our festivities, where thousands of people are normally gathered along the processions and in the HORECA establishments, is impossible due to the imposition of the CST and the mask for the events even outdoors. In view of this strict protocol and the obligations for the moment still in place for the Horeca (including the tables with 6 people seated inside), the municipal authorities present at this GA also indicated to us that, as it stands, they do not see how they could authorize this event.

Faced with this situation, and following the cancellation of our festivities in 2020 and 2021, the Festival Committee and the folk and musical societies of Stavelot have chosen not to give up and to keep the flame of all the lovers of our festivities alive, including, in particular, all the participants in the procession. To finally bring out the floats, to make discover wonderful costumes, to animate the public madly, to share the rhythms of the brass bands and harmonies… All this could not wait another year.

This is why the Assembly decided to postpone our festivities to Sunday, May 15, 2022, at a time when we can hope that the CST will no longer be required for this type of event. Although it will not be a Laetare like the one we celebrate during our three glorious years at mid-Lent, this great folkloric procession in all the streets of the city will end with the Blancs-Moussis roundel and will offer to all, societies and public, to live intensely the joys linked to our heritage.

We will inform you later on the details of this organization. However, you should know that there will be no paying entrances this year, nor a marquee, in order to allow the local HORECA to benefit as much as possible from the fallout of this event.

For the festival committee
Jean-Marie Marquet, President
Yves Reinkin, secretary

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