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Vive la Fête is the youngest Stavelot society to join Laetare, since it was created in 2002. Like many other groups, it all began one evening. A few young people from Stavelot, all ardent « Laetarists », had a few ideas about the new group they wanted to create: first, it would be open to everyone who wanted to have a good time. Another objective would be to offer something new to the parade – new themes, new ideas … So for these first few years, the themes have been “C’est Ventastique” (literally it’s windtastic), “Shadow and Light” and again a Nomad in Stavelot… This doesn’t mean that Vive la Fête is trying to upset the apple cart; we are all « well bred » in Laetare and the Stavelot traditions have a special place in our hearts alongside the quality of the parade. So all in all, a group of about 150 pals, from Stavelot and elsewhere, get together every year for a 3-day fiesta in the typical atmosphere of Vive la Fête, dynamic, original, and all in good fun.

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