Le réveil Ardennais

At village festivities, throughout the 19th century, men and women from Wallonia danced the maclote sautillante, and the alerte passe-pieds to the sound of an accordion. At the end of the Second World War, some of the old dancers who had not forgotten the steps founded the Réveil Ardennais to continue the dances and costumes they remembered from their youth. Women don the picturesque barada – a beribboned straw hat. They add the customary black apron over a loose striped skirt and throw a traditional shawl over their shoulders. Under the skirt they wear a lace slip and bloomers, black stockings and high-buttoned shoes. Men wear their handsomest smocks, that their wives have lovingly pleated, and sport black caps. The trousers and shoes are black too, but the handkerchief in the smock pocket is red. Love of folklore moves mountains too. The old tradition-lovers have taught the youngsters, and now three generations of “Ardennais”, from dancing masters to young disciples, give new life to old steps at they tour Belgium, France, Portugal, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Latvia … The repertoire consists exclusively of old Walloon dances like: maclotes, lanciers, quadrilles, polkas, mazurkas… Line dances, circle dances and quadrilles.

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