Les Vétérans

The adventure began with football in 1975, and then the Ardennes festivities, Laetare, and Lu fièsse ozès marlènes. After much meandering, they now have their own premises and have become a must for the exceptional atmosphere they create. Who hasn’t heard of the “Tour de France” in 1981, “The White Fathers” in 1990 and particularly “Les gendarmes de St-Tropez” in 2005.

Contact informations

Jérôme Dewez
Chemin des Haies 6D
4970 Stavelot

GSM : 0477/13.40.34
E-mail : jeromili@hotmail.com

Laetitia  LEGROS
Basse Levée 29 C
4970 Stavelot

GSM : 0497 71 50 18
E-mail :Laetitia.legros@skynet.be

E-mail : veterans.stavelot@outlook.be
Web : www.lesveterans.be

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