Les Djoyeûs Pign’teûs

A society founded in 1970 by a group of fun-loving lads. 150 + members defend Walloon culture, folklore and speech. Every year they participate in the celebration on 15 August in Outre-Meuse, Liège. The perfection and originality of their costumes and their floats make the Pign’teûs one of the stars of Laetare. They also organize a tourist rally in June, a banquet in November and even a “Beer Festival”, a not-to-be-missed event of Stavelot social life.

Contact informations

Somagne 1C
4970 Stavelot

GSM : 0495 34 65 72
E-mail : Jose.orban@gmail.com

Rue du Bacc 6
4970 Stavelot

E-mail : claude.constant@belgacom.net

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