Masquerade 2000

Masquerade 2000 other wise known as M2K, started in 1992 as a voluntary community based organisation linked to carnival in the U.K and Europe. The band was founded by Lincoln Rahamut, whose artistic skills in carnival arts and crafts have graced the public at large through the streets of London and elsewhere.

Lincoln and his co designer David Brown brought a new standard of carnival to London making Masquerade 2000 the benchmark for all UK carnival groups. In 2012, Lincoln Rahamut passed his legacy on to six designers who will continue the great work of Masquerade 2000.  David Brown is now the Lead Designer of Masquerade 2000 leading the M2K trained designers. Lincoln remains as a consultant to the M2K Design Team.

The design team come from various design based backgrounds including: Carnival Arts, Fine Arts, Architecture, Graphic design, Costume Making & Textiles. Having over 35 years of design experience between them, the team will bring innovative yet Masquerade’esque creations to the scene.
M2K began as a voluntary organisation and now has charitable status. The organisation was formed and developed within the public sector guidelines. There is a board of directors and a management committee that runs the organisation. Also from the inception, Masquerade 2000 formed a youth committee in which the young people support and assist the management in delivering a service.